Fantastic Beasts 2 Has a Magical Box Office Debut with $62M Win

After coming in around $12 million lower than the first installment, Fantastic Beasts 2 was still able to secure the number one spot.

Startling Luke Skywalker Rumor Will Have You Questioning His Star Wars 9 Return

A new rumor indicates that Luke Skywalker returns to confront Rey in Star Wars 9, but not in the way everyone is expecting.

Mariah Carey's Glitter Soundtrack Hits #1 on iTunes 17 Years Later

Over seventeen years since its release, Mariah Carey’s Glitter soundtrack is number one on the iTunes chart thanks to her fans.

Gal Gadot Is Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson Is Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa Is Thor in New Fan Art

BossLogic does it again taking his talent into a new realm of possibilities he creates character swaps for MCU and DCEU characters.

Fans Want Deadpool to Take Over Stan Lee's Cameos in Marvel Movies

Many fans are supporting idea of having Deadpool cameo in every new Marvel movie, replacing the late Stan Lee.