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My Week with Marilyn: Two New Michelle Williams Pictures

Could Michelle Williams look any more like Marilyn Monroe in our first set of My Week with Marilyn stills? She sure does in the My Week with Marilyn poster. Now, the film has released two more photos and the Oscar nominee continues to astound in her portrayal of the icon — at least solely based on these pics.

Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn
My Week with Marilyn lands in theaters November 4 and has Academy Award buzz all over it for its two leads. Williams is Monroe and Kenneth Branagh is Sir Laurence Olivier.

The story follows, you guessed it, a week with Monroe as seen through the eyes of the woman, Colin Clark, hired to be her assistant while she films The Prince and the Showgirl in England. It’s set in 1957 and thus far, the art direction looks right on the mark.

Michelle Williams Channels Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn
But in these new photos, the kudos has to go to the hair and makeup team. They have turned the chameleon-like actress into the Hollywood legend. It is a difficult task for any hair, makeup and wardrobe team to recreate someone so permanently burned on the public’s consciousness. From these early looks at My Week with Marilyn, the film’s creative team scores.

Snow White and the Huntsman: Kristen Stewart Shows her Mettle

Kristen Stewart appears to be having the time of her life filming Snow White and the Huntsman. First off, her contagious smile at this year’s Comic-Con talking about the film with co-star Charlize Theron was rare for the normally reserved Twilight star. Now, a photo has emerged of Stewart as Snow White riding her horse into battle and we have it for you.

Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman
Breaking Dawn fans may be too excited to think about anything other than Stewart completing her Twilight journey in Breaking Dawn Part 1 this November. But, if they treasure the actress as a whole, witnessing her in her Snow White glory is equally as exciting.

Snow White and the Huntsman is currently being shot in Wales and also stars Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth (also in the photo!). Between the image above, and the previously released Snow White and the Huntsman photos, color us excited to witness this new take on the Snow White fairy tale.

Inception, Fast Five and Star Trek Return to IMAX Screens This Week

Select IMAX theaters are celebrating the re-release of three blockbusters by bringing them back to the biggest of screens.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception
Summer 2011 was one of Hollywood’s most profitable, with help from the box office success of Fast Five, and it has a chance to add to its till by returning to IMAX theaters for a one week run — beginning September 30.

Also arriving on IMAX screens for the September 30 through October 6 re-release is J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek and the dreamy Inception. Movie Fanatic may just have to see Star Trek again, after it was announced that J.J. Abrams will direct Star Trek 2.

AMC Theaters is the chain responsible for the event and they are calling it their Imax Big Movie Week. Fans can check out each film throughout that week for $7, a paltry charge compared to what a first run IMAX flick can cost.

When we say blockbusters to describe these three films, it’s an understatement. AMC and IMAX are bringing back movies that have collectively earned over $1.8 billion.

Christopher Nolan Heading into The Twilight Zone?

Warner Bros is looking to bring The Twilight Zone back on the big screen and return it to the public consciousness. The studio has apparently offered The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan the reins to the film and Movie Fanatic cannot think of anyone more qualified or perfect.

Christopher Nolan Red Carpet Picture
In 1983, the last time The Twilight Zone was on the big screen, four superstar directors joined forces to bring four vignettes to life and created cinematic gold in the process. Steven Spielberg, George Miller, John Landis and Joe Dante crafted The Twilight Zone Movie and made it into four chapters, each more compelling than the last.

Whether the new version of The Twilight Zone Movie will be broken into short segments or be one long full length feature is still left to be determined. But if Nolan is the director of the whole project or simply a part, Movie Fanatic could not be more filled with anticipation.

Also of note: Fans of Nolan can check out his Inception, re-released on IMAX screens this week.

The Thing: Second Clip Premieres

The second clip Universal Pictures has released from the upcoming prequel The Thing has arrived. Check it out below!

Joel Edgerton in The Thing
The Thing is a prequel to the 1980s John Carpenter classic. In the 2011 The Thing, Mary Elizabeth Winstead heads to Antarctica to join Norwegian scientists who have unearthed something extraordinary in the ice.

Soon it becomes clear that what they discovered should have been left alone.

Follow the link to check out The Thing trailer and stay with Movie Fanatic for exclusive interviews with the cast and director the week of the film’s release: October 14.