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Mirror Mirror vs. Huntsman: Which Snow White Film is Fairest?

Mirror Mirror has been released and the battle of the Snow White movies has begun. On June 1, we get Snow White and the Huntsman, which carries on the Hollywood legacy of films with the same subject matter coming out like they do in Noah’s Ark — two by two — as Julia Roberts told us in our interview (Remember Armageddon and Deep Impact?). The two are clearly very different incarnations of the classic fairy tale with Mirror Mirror aiming itself squarely at families and Huntsman garnering the action movie crowd. Yet the comparisons abound.

Mirror Mirror and Huntsman Posters

We want to know your thoughts on each film and which you find the fairest of them all?

Which Snow White movie will you see?

Safe TV Spot: Jason Statham Breaks a Trachea!

Jason Statham is back kicking butt in Safe. This time out he’s a reluctant hero who comes to the rescue of a young Chinese girl fleeing the Chinese triad mafia on a New York subway. Soon, he’s swept up in a world of gangsters who will stop at nothing to ensure the girl does not get out of Manhattan with their secrets. Lionsgate has released a new clip from the film due April 27 that shows the British actor in some of his most vivid fight scenes. At one point, he even breaks a man’s trachea. Yes, you read that right.

Weekend Movie Preview: March 30, 2012

Can anything stop the box office march of The Hunger Games? Two new wide releases hope so with Wrath of the Titans and Mirror Mirror making the effort as they premiere. A few other films also land in limited release, highlighted by the astounding hockey comedy Goon.

Wrath of the Titans: Although widely panned, Clash of the Titans arrived in 2010 and banked a half a billion dollars. Two years later, we get the sequel and it finds Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington reprising their roles. In the film it’s been ten years since Prometheus’ (Worthington) great defeat of the Kraken and the world once again has a massive threat. The story is much more tightly told, the action sequence actually pop in 3D and as we say in our Wrath of the Titans review, this film kind of rocks!

Mirror Mirror: Director Tarsem Singh brings his marvelous vision (Immortals, The Cell) to the live action world of Snow White. By casting Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, Lily Collins as the fairy tale maiden and Armie Hammer as Prince Charming, he scores right out of the gate. The film is definitely for families and Snow White aficionados and even closes with a massive Bollywood musical number. It fairs pretty well in taking a ten-page story and giving it 90 minutes of cinematic life, as we state in our Mirror Mirror review.

Limited release:

Goon: Seann William Scott gives the performance of his life as a bar bouncer who is given a shot at being a minor league hockey enforcer. The man on the ice who is charged with protecting all the other players is someone made with brutish force. Yet in the hands of Scott, the character also has a heart that will melt the Canadian snow that seems to be everywhere in this heartwarming comedy. Check out our Goon review for more.

Bully: A documentary that is a must-see for everyone. Bullying is a national epidemic and through this film, filmmakers hope to spread the word about the problem in an effort to stave off any more student on student violence that has resulted in numerous suicides. 

Intruders: Clive Owen and his daughter are having haunting visions. Are they true? Are these two making it up? Check out the Intruders trailer and see what you think!

Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Done with Legos!

Christopher Nolan’s latest The Dark Knight Rises trailer has gotten the Lego treatment. Much as we’ve showcased before, i.e. when The Hunger Games Legos trailer, this is one fun video to add to the joy of Friday afternoon.

The real Dark Knight Rises lifts off this summer.

Wrath of the Titans Movie Review: A Ten Times Better Titan

Sam Worthington has spoken openly about his disappointment with Clash of the Titans. He clearly believes in the story of Perseus, son of Zeus, and saw Wrath of the Titans as an opportunity for all involved in the series to redeem themselves. The first Titans film wasn’t that awful at all — it just became the poster child for the backlash against the Hollywood 3D craze. So… is it hard to believe that Wrath of the Titans is in an entirely different league of goodness than its predecessor?

Wrath of the Titans: Sam Worthington Flies
It is ten years after Perseus has epically defeated the Kraken and he is living comfortably as a widower raising his decade old son Helius. His father (Liam Neeson) appears after Helius has gone to sleep to talk to his child about the evil that approaches. It seems that Zeus and Hades’ (Ralph Fiennes) father, Cronus, has decided to make a comeback, and that is very bad for mankind and the Gods of Greece.

After Worthington’s Perseus politely refuses his father’s request to help in what the God believes is an upcoming war, director Jonathan Liebesman (Battleship: Los Angeles) shifts the action to the depths of the Earth where Hades had been banished to manage the worst the planet can produce. Zeus arrives to make peace with his brother and as we have seen in the recent Wrath of the Titans clip, that does not go so well. Zeus is captured and Perseus must come to the rescue.

The highlight of the film is the brotherhood that is Fiennes and Neeson. The two U.K. actors offer a master class in the thespian arts in Wrath of the Titans. Shakespearean royal families wish they had these two portraying brothers onscreen! In the hands of these two legendary performers, the storyline which in many ways is at the heart of the film is carried by iconic actors simply beginning to hit their groove.

Worthington’s Perseus is every bit the father solely worried for his son’s safety and future as it appears the world is close to complete destruction. The issue Movie Fanatic has is what could be perceived as a minor one… the Australian’s accent. Worthington portrays his demigod in his native tongue, yet it seems distracting given the clearly Greek-ness of it all. When Neeson and Fiennes speak in the native King’s Speech, it seems believable. Would having Worthington inhabit a hero that perhaps speaks with no accent at all help things? Maybe so, yet… maybe not.

After Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans may feel like an Oscar worthy movie. Between its astounding effects, 3D done right, the Fiennes and Neeson show, this is a film that must be seen on the big screen in 3D, and even in IMAX. For fans of the Greek God world of storytelling, Wrath of the Titans is a worthy continuance of the legacy. That might be its highest compliment.