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Captain America The Winter Soldier Photos: Check Out The Falcon!

2014 is shaping up to be the year of Captain America. Hot off the release yesterday of those new Captain America: The Winter Soldier photos, Marvel has released a fresh set of photos featuring our first look at Captain America (Chris Evans) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) together since they clicked in The Avengers. According to Johansson, the two heroes have a flirtation in the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger.

Captain America: Winter Soldier Scarlett Johansson Chris Evans

We’ve also got our first look at Robert Redford and Chris Evans. Having an actor of Redford’s pedigree in a Marvel movie speaks volumes as to how far the superhero movie has come in the last several decades. Marvel also has released our first look at Anthony Mackie and his cinematic alter ego the Falcon.

  • Captain America: Winter Soldier Robert Redford Chris Evans
  • Captain America: Winter Soldier Anthony Mackie

And finally, what series of Captain America photos would be complete without Evans striking a heroic pose!

Captain America: Winter Soldier Star Chris Evans

Check out the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer for more and get psyched that the calendar will read 2014 tomorrow, with the Cap sequel landing April 4! 

Leonardo DiCaprio Defends The Wolf of Wall Street

We found The Wolf of Wall Street one of the Top 10 Movies of 2013, but some others have questioned the movie for how it depicts the criminal rise of Wall Street financier Jordan Belfort. It was a highly successful run for Belfort that banked the real life character that Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed hundreds of millions of dollars.

Leonardo DiCaprio The Wolf of Wall Street Still

But, it also got him some serious jail time. At a recent screening for Oscar voters, rumor has it that a attendee confronted director Martin Scorsese for his “glorifying criminal activity.” First of all, if the man stopped filming people who committed crimes, his filmography would be quite light!

But, if you also think that The Wolf of Wall Street puts DiCaprio and his cohorts on a pedestal, you are not watching the same movie we did. And the star certainly agrees. “I think anyone who thinks [that the film glorifies excess] missed the boat entirely,” DiCaprio told HitFix.

“I grew up in a generation of watching [Scorsese]‘s movies and when you come from a standpoint of being someone who is so influenced by him and De Niro’s work, to hear specific reactions they had to films that, now, as the years roll by — we’re all desensitized to those things, you know what I’m saying? To hear that there were any type of reactions that weren’t — I’m not saying people should particularly praise this film for that reason, but I think it takes a while to permeate into the culture a little bit.”

In fact, DiCaprio (and we agree) believe that when all is said and done, history will record Scorsese as one of the best, if not the best, to ever wield a camera.

“When I see his movies now, it’s a shock to me that there was ever any kind of — I mean I listened to stories of The Last Temptation of Christ. I listened to stories of Goodfellas and Taxi Driver and even Mean Streets, but to me they’re a classic part of American cinema history that have influenced so many other filmmakers and so many other genres. It’s insane.”

Leonardo DiCaprio Stars in The Wolf of Wall Street

At the end of the day, Scorsese is merely putting a mirror up to these people. After all, Henry Hill in Goodfellas was a real person, and too is Belfort. “I think that anyone that thinks this is a celebration of Wall Street and this sort of hedonism — yes, the unique thing about Marty is that he doesn’t judge his characters,” DiCaprio said.

“And that was something that you don’t quite understand while you’re making the movie, but he allows the freedom of this almost hypnotic, drug-infused, wild ride that these characters go on. And he allows you, as an audience — guilty or not — to enjoy in that ride without judging who these people are. Because, to me, this attitude of what these characters represent in this film are ultimately everything that’s wrong with the world we live in.” 

Star Wars Episode VII: Hilarious Screen Tests!

As a year comes to a close that saw great strides in the world of Star Wars and getting a new film up and moving — that at the moment is called Star Wars Episode VII — we’ve heard our fair share of rumors as to who has auditioned for a part. There’s Saoirse Ronan admitting she auditioned, as well as Michael B. Jordan. In fact, at one point, J.J. Abrams solicited audition tapes from the entire world!

The comedic folks at Drama 3/4 put together a hilarious five minute clip of “test footage” for Star Wars: Episode VII that will surely put a smile on your face before Abrams and his team get to work actually filming the movie in 2014 for the Star Wars Episode VII release date of late 2015.

At the same time they’re having fun looking forward at the next trilogy in the Star Wars universe, Movie Fanatic appreciates the joy they have poking fun at George Lucas’ last three movies! 

Horrible Bosses 2: First Photo of Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day & Jason Bateman!

The first photo from Horrible Bosses 2 has landed! It features stars from the first Horrible Bosses — Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day. There was a big question as to how the sequel would work and how on Earth these three guys could have such horrible bosses… again!

Horrible Bosses 2 Charlie Day Jason Sudeikis Jason Bateman

Now we know that Nick, Dale and Kurt have had it with answering to idiots above them and have decided to start their own business. Judging by the photo above, could it be a private investigation firm?

But, when a “slick” investor pulls the financial rug out from underneath them, they go back into revenge mode that they did so well in the first film. The three of them kidnap the investor’s son and hold him for ransom to retake the reins of their business.

Look for Horrible Bosses 2 in theaters November 26, 2014. 

Don Jon DVD Review: Joseph Gordon Levitt Breaks Out

Joseph Gordon Levitt has charmed us as an actor and now with the arrival of Don Jon, he has shown his impeccable skills as a filmmaker. Besides playing the title character, Levitt made his screenwriting and directorial debut with Don Jon and the results are glorious. The film is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray and the bonus features takes you inside the genius that is a talent who appears to just be getting going.

Don Jon Blu-Ray

As teased in the Don Jon trailer, Levitt is Jon Martello, who is so good at picking up women at will, that his friends have given him the nickname of the title. But, when he meets Scarlett Johansson’s Barbara, everything changes. He delves into a serious relationship for the first time in his life. But, there’s one problem. He’s addicted to internet porn and when it rears its ugly head, it threatens the relationship that he knows he treasures.

In our theatrical Don Jon review, Movie Fanatic reported that Levitt has done a masterful job at crafting a story where the lead character might not be the most loveable, yet we pull for him in the truest of ways. His Don Jon is pure New Jersey in the most stereotypical and classic sense of it and Johansson is pretty awesome as well as a Jersey girl who isn’t as perfect as Don Jon believes she is either.

The film is told in ways that everything is not black and white and works on so many levels. Given that this is truly Levitt’s baby, the bonus features are squarely focused on him and his creative process and are a priceless view into his imaginative mind.

Sometimes a “making-of” featurette feels tired, as if the participants are going through the motions while they would rather be in their trailers. Not so with the Making of Don Jon. Levitt and Johansson, as well as co-star Julianne Moore, talk intuitively about the creative process of Levitt and how his vision truly came to life with Don Jon, without an ounce of compromise.

Scarlett Johansson Joseph Gordon Levitt Star in Don Jon

Don Jon’s Origin takes viewers on a journey how Levitt conceived of the incredibly original idea for a film and gives insight not only into his process, but into the filmmaking journey as a whole. Following that up with Joe’s Hats is a brilliant stroke of bonus feature brilliance. Levitt has his hands full from penning the screenplay, mounting the production as director and finding a character that is unlike any he’s played prior. This bonus feature explores that in a deep and informational manner that is truly fascinating on so many levels.

Given the subject matter of the film, also impressive is the bonus feature Objectified. We don’t want to say too much about this one, other than it is an insightful look at people like Don Jon and what they deem fantasy and how it affects reality.

Levitt has a passion project, and it’s not just Don Jon. His search for emerging filmmaking talent though his website HitRECord is given the spotlight in a terrific bonus feature. It should serve as inspiration for all those who seek to embody what Levitt has done and create a film that fulfills a lifetime of creative passion with a story that enthralls its audience with humor, heart and hope.