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Top 17 Movie Quotes of the Year: Everything Is Awesome!

It was a banner year for movie quotes as screenwriters penned some fantastic lines and actors and actresses delivered them with serious panache. We will be saying these quotes for years to come.

But, what are the best movie quotes of 2014?

Watch Guardians of the Galaxy online and there are quite a few Guardians of the Galaxy quotes that we could choose from. We found, what we think, is the best from that flick.

But, is it the best of the year? 

There’s some stiff competition from a varied list of superstars, from Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence to an animated Chris Pratt and one of the most fantastic The LEGO Movie quotes.

Click through and discover our top 17 movie quotes of the year!

Best job I ever had.

Best job I ever had. [The rest of the cast then repeat this line.]


Watch for this Fury quote to become used truthfully and sarcastically well into the future!

Fandango Reveals 2015’s Most Anticipated: What Are We Most Excited For?

We think that 2015 will be the best year ever for movies. There are so many titles that have us beyond excited, we might just explode.

Tomorrow, Movie Fanatic will reveal our most anticipated movies of 2015 list and today we have the most anticipated of the public, as they have spoken through the online poll taken by Fandango. The most anticipated film for movie fans is, frankly, hardly a surprise.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon

Yup, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the movie that more of us are eager to see above all others. It’s been ten years since a Star Wars movie of any kind was out and the fandom for that particular franchise has done nothing but increase with time.

But, what were the other four films that made Fandango’s top five?

2015 Most Anticipated Movies:

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2. Avengers: Age of Ultron
3. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
4. Fifty Shades of Grey
5. Jurassic World

The movie ticket site went ever further and asked ticket buyers which actors and actresses they are most excited to witness in the New Year.

Fan Favorite Actress in 2015 Movies:

1. Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Joy )
2. Scarlett Johansson (Avengers: Age of Ultron)
3. Angelina Jolie (By the Sea)
4. Melissa McCarthy (Spy)
5. Halle Berry (Kidnap)

Fan Favorite Actor in 2015 Movies:

1. Robert Downey, Jr. (Avengers: Age of Ultron)
2. Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Blackhat, and In the Heart of the Sea)
3. Daniel Craig (Spectre)
4. Chris Pratt (Jurassic World)
5. Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible 5)

Then, there’s the family film category. With a new Pixar movie coming out and the beloved Cinderella trailer making waves, surely those two would be at the top. Nope, you’d be wrong.

Most Anticipated Family Film of 2015:

1. Minions
2. Cinderella
3. Pixar’s Inside Out
4. Peanuts
5. Pan

Here are our 23 movies that will make summer 2015 the best movie summer ever and stay with us as we reveal our most anticipated movies of the entire year tomorrow.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

It is fitting that the best summer ever starts with one of the most anticipated movies that is coming our way… Avengers: Age of Ultron. And with the addition of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and the villain of all villains in Ultron, this will be one explosive sequel.

Kingsman The Secret Service Clips: Meet the Team Led by Colin Firth

Kingsman: The Secret Service is not only one of our most anticipated movies of the first few months of 2015, it is for the entire year. We love Matthew Vaughn’s work (see it when you watch X-Men: First Class online) and the idea is utterly brilliant.

The film follows the most secretive of spy organizations (with Colin Firth and Mark Strong as members) who keep the world safe and never get the credit for it. 

Firth’s character meets a hooligan (Taron Egerton) and takes a liking to him and thinks he can become the next great Kingsman (as teased in the Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer). He’s not alone, as we have an entire new team of recruits.

Fox has released a series of featurettes that introduce us to the team, starting with Harry, played by Firth.

Meet Gazelle!

Meet Eggsy!

Meet Roxy!

Meet Arthur (played by legend Michael Caine!)

Kingsman: The Secret Service hits theaters on February 13, 2015.

Colin Firth Character Poster

Colin Firth’s leader of the Kingsman gets his own poster.

Sylvester Stallone Making Another Rambo: Will Be The Last!

If you thought 2008’s Rambo would be Sylvester Stallone’s final go at playing the character he originated in the ’80s, you would be wrong.

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo 3

The superstar tweeted his plans for the near future and they include jetting off to Philadelphia to shoot the Rocky spin-off Creed. He’s going to make a gangster movie, but before then… well, let’s just see what Stallone said.

“Doing Scarpa, based on Gangster Greg Scarpa after LAST BLOOD: RAMBO.

That’s it folks, the latest, and “last” warrior movie about John Rambo will be called Last Blood: Rambo.Of course that’s a direct correlation to the first film First Blood that introduced us to Rambo. 

Given the success that Stallone has had with The Expendables, we can’t blame him for heading back to the beginning to create another action flick after his Bullet to the Head didn’t do so well.

Nothing gets audiences in the seats like a familiar name and Rambo is one that lives long in Hollywood lore.

No word on details as to when filming will begin or when it will be released. But stay tuned and, in the meantime, check out where he left off and watch Rambo online

Han Solo Spin-Off Movie Casting Rumor: Aaron Paul as The Scoundrel?

Arguably the highlight of that Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (amongst a ton of highlights) was when the Millennium Falcon flew across the sky and took on those fighters! Han Solo is probably one of the most popular, if not the most popular character of the original series, and the news that Harrison Ford would reprise the role in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars sent fans into the stratosphere.

Star Wars Harrison Ford is Han Solo

We also have heard numerous rumors about those Star Wars spin-off movies. One such rumor has us potentially discovering the origins of Yoda or perhaps the origins of Boba Fett.

But, the one that is most likely to happen — we think — is a look at a young Han Solo. Given the character’s wild popularity, it seems as if it’s a no-brainer.

Now, who to play Han Solo?

Rumors have been flying this week that Need for Speed star Aaron Paul is eager to be involved. Now, what’s fascinating is that in these stories (reported at the fan site Making Star Wars) it isn’t clear if Paul just wants to be in the movie or if he wants to be Han Solo.

Personally, we think this casting would be a stroke of genius. There was a lightning in a bottle moment in Hollywood casting that was George Lucas having Ford as Solo. The odds of lightning striking twice in the movies, as you all know, are slim to none.

But, can you imagine Paul and his swagger tackling one of the most famous movie characters of all time? Yeah, actually we can.

Stay tuned as this story develops.


There is probably no more compelling character in the Star Wars universe than Yoda. There is no one wiser. There is no one more fierce (that fight scene!). Can you imagine a story of how Yoda became Yoda? Yeah, us too!