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Star Wars Episode VII: Oscar Isaac Talks Star Wars Old & New

Oscar Isaac is a busy man since he scored the role of a lifetime in the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis. He has The Two Faces of January landing soon and of course, there’s that little independent film he’s shooting now in London that goes by the name of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Oscar Isaac Photo

Isaac was talking to The Huffington Post about his upcoming projects and the state of his career, and naturally the conversation turned to the galaxy far, far away.

And although he said that you “can’t say (expletive)” about Star Wars: Episode VII without all your future generations being targeted for assassination, he did talk about his passion for the original trilogy and even added his two cents about George Lucas tinkering with perfection as he notoriously had with Episode IV through Episode VI.

“Well, it’s a funny thing. I mean there’s two things. As an artist, like, he made the (expletive), so why can’t he do whatever the heck he wants with it,” Isaac said.

“There’s a part of me that appreciates that he doesn’t really care if people are upset about it. He decided to share it with all of us and he wants to go back and do stuff, whatever. But as a fan, I’d much rather go back and watch the old thing, because it’s a product of the time.”

One of the things he adores about the old films was that Lucas used real film, and he could not be happier about director J.J. Abrams using that format, as well as his use of practical sets (such as this Millennium Falcon video shows).

“It really does matter,” he said of shooting on film versus digital.

“It’s about how a movie is filmed and the set, it changes it. It changes so many things. I mean, I’ve had to do things over again because there was a hair in the gate, which is so old school, but it just feels better.”

Han Solo Must Have a Huge Part

We’ve heard that Harrison Ford’s Han Solo has an enormous part in the seventh Star Wars movie. Ford would not have signed on to J.J. Abrams’ film if that was not the case.

Dracula Untold Featurette: Introducing The Bride of Dracula

Fresh off that fantastic Dracula Untold featurette that showed how Luke Evans would be so desperate that his royal named Vlad would become the Prince of Darkness, we’ve got a terrific look at the woman who will now be forever known as “The Bride of Dracula.”

Mirena, played by Sarah Gadon, is a devoted wife and mother and when her husband’s kingdom is threatened, he makes a fateful choice that will save his principality, sure, but will doom his family to the pages of history for something other than how they ruled.

As you can see from the Dracula Untold trailer, Gadon plays her as a strong and commanding woman and that fits what director Gary Shore calls her in the above featurette — “the rock in Vlad’s life.” 

Dracula Untold lands in theaters October 10 and gives us the origins story of one of history’s most iconic monsters. Dominic Cooper also stars.

Dracula Untold Bat Poster

We kinda like this “bat” poster for Dracula Untold!

Guardians of the Galaxy Passes Iron Man on Marvel Money List

Guardians of the Galaxy has been impressing since it debuted. It set a record for an August release when it premiered.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Poster

Now, it has passed a Marvel Studios icon on the famed comic book filmmaking machine’s box office profit list. That’s right, Guardians of the Galaxy has now made more money than Iron Man. Take that, Tony Stark!

This fact is almost fitting. Given that when people thought that few people knew about these Guardians of the Galaxy characters and that expectations were not so high, the same could have been said for Tony Stark and Iron Man all those years ago. And some could argue that that Robert Downey, Jr. starring film truly launched Marvel Studios into superstardom and started the streak that has them enjoying massive success since.

Guardians of the Galaxy added another $3.8 million to bring its total to $319.2 million at the domestic box office. Iron Man ended its domestic cinematic run at $318.41 million.

Chris Pratt and his heroes now have the third highest grossing Marvel movie in history, behind The Avengers with $623.4 million and Iron Man 3 with $409 million in domestic earnings.

No word yet on the home video for Guardians of the Galaxy, but we do know that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is set to arrive on July 28, 2017.

Why not remind ourselves of how truly awesome the film Guardians surpassed on the Marvel list and watch Iron Man online.

Check out our favorite Guardians of the Galaxy quotes in the slideshow below!

I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded...

I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.


We love this quote — Gamora gets mushy.

Chef DVD Review: Jon Favreau Cooks Up Something Delicious

Jon Favreau’s passion project, Chef, has landed on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download and if you missed it in theaters, this is a don’t miss home video release. And if you were fortunate to witness Chef in theaters, this is one you want to own and watch over and over again. Its charms know no end.

Chef DVD

The feel of the film is merely teased in the Chef trailer. Favreau plays an elite chef who winds up in an online war of words with a food critic (Oliver Platt) that costs him his job — thanks to his demanding restaurant owner (Dustin Hoffman).

He is truly gifted, but goes about the feud completely wrong. Well, we have our opinions on that, but you have to see it and decide for yourself!

There are numerous levels to the film that Favreau wrote, directed and stars in that charm the heart as well as tantalize the taste buds. Sofia Vergara plays Favreau’s ex-wife and they have a young son together whose relationship is good, but not great.

His son has wanted more from his father, and now that he’s lost his job — well, that provides for some great bonding time as Favreau purchases a run down truck with the wild idea to create a food truck that will cross the country building buzz as they go.

They’re joined on their cross country adventure by Favreau’s fancy restaurant sous chef (John Leguizamo) and collectively, watching this story unfold with such gifted actors is truly as much a joy as the best meal you’ve ever tasted.

The cast is top notch (even Favreau’s Iron Man 2 star Scarlett Johansson is in it, as is Iron Man himself, Robert Downey, Jr.) and Favreau’s writing is efficient, emotional and oftentimes hilarious. The film will warm your soul and leave you wanting more. It may be the surprise hit of the year, and we hope that it is a surprise Oscar nominee come awards season as well.

The highlight of the sparse bonus features is the audio commentary by Favreau and Roy Choi, who is the film’s co-producer, and also best known as a food truck pioneer. Their insight is utterly priceless and we cannot recommend enough sampling their flavor that only enhances the delicious stew that is Favreau’s movie.

Although we would have liked some making-of featurettes from the film on the home video release, or even a separate doc on the burgeoning food truck industry, there is more than enough in the movie itself to satisfy us and have us hitting play again and again when the credits close.

Watch Chef online right now and be sure to taste the cinematic awesomeness. 

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Clips: One Cursed Day!

Disney has released a quartet of clips from their highly anticipated adaptation of the iconic children’s book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

The film expands on that downright awful day that Alexander had in the book and stretches it into the next day to show that the entire family is having a bad day… all in the same horrible, no good day!

We caught up with Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner on the set and they told us about how this return to Disney live action family films was the main reason why they committed to the movie. The fun they had filming is seen in each one of these clips for the film that is due October 10.

Check out our four clips and their titles could not be more perfect.

First, Carell thinks he’s nailing a job interview, that is until he catches on fire in Stop, Drop and Roll.

Dylan Minnette thinks all is going swimmingly with his girlfriend (Bella Thorne), but she might be a little demanding in this clip called XOXO.

Garner is a children’s book marketer and thinks that her presentation is going great. Except it isn’t in this clip entitled Effort on the Potty.

Lastly, the entire clan gets together and discovers that maybe, just maybe, This Day Was Cursed.

Check out the Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day trailer and be sure to click through and discover our fantastic photo gallery from the Disney film below.  

The Before Poster

The “Before” poster shows what life is like, and how Alexander is the one set for a bad day.