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Super 8: Blu-Ray and DVD Trailer Teaser

One of the best films of 2011 (so far), Super 8, is making its way to DVD and Blu-Ray November 22. We’ve got the film’s home video trailer that takes audiences further inside the magic of J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg producing with Abrams writing and directing and it adds up to a brilliant combination for the summer 2011 release. The story of a train crash and its secret (and dangerous) cargo captivated audiences and should even more so when it arrives on home video with all those fantastic extras.

Super 8 follows a group of teenagers who are making their own Super 8 movie in 1979. Out filming one evening, they witness a horrible crash and barely escape with their lives. Soon after, their small town comes under a spell of fear and horror that is only exasperated when the federal government comes in and becomes wildly secretive.

The DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack (check back for our review November 22) includes over two hours of extras including eight behind-the-scenes features that take fans through the entire process of bringing Super 8 to life.

Exclusive Giveaway: Prove You’re a Movie Fanatic and Win an Immortals Prize Pack!

Think you’re the biggest Immortals fan? Then answer the following Movie Fanatic trivia questions below for your opportunity to take home our impressive prize pack provided by the producers of The Immortals!

The Cast of The Immortals
The Immortals won the weekend at the box office, and if you’re one of those who helped the film reach its $30-plus million opening, the following questions should come easy.

First of all, let’s tease you with what is in The Immortals prize pack:

  • Immortals ‘Gods and Heroes’ Graphic Novel
  • Immortals Branded Temporary Tattoo Scars
  • Immortals Branded T-Shirt
  • Immortals Branded Water Bottle
  • Immortals Branded Bracelet
  • Immortals Branded Foam Helmet
  • Immortals Branded Beanie
  • Immortals Branded Tank Top
  • Immortals Poster (not pictured)
  • 3D Rogue Glasses (not pictured)
  • Immortals Soundtrack (not pictured)

The Immortals Prize Pack

Now that you are sufficiently psyched for the prize, let’s see how well you know The Immortals world!

The contest works like this:

Answer the 10 questions below by registering at or using Facebook Connect and providing us your answers via Private Message. We will choose a winner who gets the most questions right.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, November 22. If more than one entrant goes 10/10, we will select among those entries at random. That’s it! Good luck!


  1. The Immortals is director Tarsem Singh’s third film. What are his first two?
  2. Which God is the first to come down to Earth, against Zeus’ will, to help battle back Mickey Rourke’s forces?
  3. Where was The Immortals shot?
  4. Mickey Rourke famously severely hurt his arm before filming started. How? Hint: Movie Fanatic’s Mickey Rourke interview from last week may hold the answer.
  5. Who plays Zeus in the film in human form on Earth?
  6. What period of art history inspires filmmaker Tarsem Singh?
  7. In what form does Athena first appear on earth?
  8. What do we learn Stephen Dorff’s character Starvos was before he connects with Henry Cavill’s Theseus?
  9. What is it that audiences are left with as a final image from The Immortals?
  10. Lastly, and this one’s easy: What film is Immortals star Henry Cavill currently filming?

Two Brave New Stills: Scotland Serves as Pixar’s New Landscape

Pixar hopes to enter a Brave new world with its latest film release. For the first time in its esteemed history, a Pixar film will feature a female lead. The film has released two new stills featuring our heroine Merida, and the three Scottish clan leaders who are scheduled to be her suitors, despite her objections. Merida is voiced by Kelly MacDonald (Boardwalk Empire) who more than steps up to the challenge.

Kelly MacDonald Stars in Brave
Movie Fanatic caught footage of Brave at Disney’s recent D23 Expo. MacDonald and her co-star Kevin McKidd, who plays Lord MacGuffin while the film’s producer Katherine Sarafin addressed the crowd.

“We have our own take on Scottish lore. It’s really Pixar lore, but it’s set in Scotland and its inspired by Scottish storytelling and designed to be a story that’s perfectly set in that landscape,” she said of Pixar’s June 22, 2012 release.

The second photo of Merida’s suitors features McKidd as MacGuffin, Lord Macintosh (Craig Ferguson) and Robbie Coltrane as the cranky Lord Dingwall. And don’t miss the first trailer from Brave.

The Men of Brave

Watch the Full Minute The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer

For fans of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, whether they be the books series by Stieg Larsson or the original Swedish cinema trilogy, December 21 cannot come soon enough. To further feed that fire, Movie Fanatic has the new one-minute trailer that takes us further into the world established by the film’s director David Fincher.

Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig star in the mystery thriller that is beloved by hundreds of millions.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the first of Fincher’s trilogy and from what we have seen so far (including the first eight minutes of the film), not only is he faithful to the book series, but he has crafted a visual marvel — complete with a stellar soundtrack by Trent Reznor.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: New TV Spot If You Choose to Accept It

After a first TV spot for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol premiered last week, a new one has debuted and it packs more action in 30 seconds than previous trailers for the film. Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt and this time out, he is seeking to clear his name, as well as his IMF team, when an explosion occurs at The Kremlin and the agency is blamed.

What exactly Ghost Protocol is also explained in the new spot and it is not good for our heroes.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol lands in theaters December 21, but arrives on IMAX screens a few days earlier on December 16. In the fourth Mission Impossible film, Cruise is joined by newbie Jeremy Renner, Josh Holloway and Paula Patton as Simon Pegg returns to the role he originated.