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Colin Farrell Shows His Fangs in Fright Night: The Movie Fanatic Interview

Colin Farrell truly sank his teeth into his latest role. Considering Farrell is playing the vampire Jerry in the remake of Fright Night, that is a good thing on so many levels.

Colin Farrell in Fright Night

The Irish actor recently sat down to discuss bringing a 1980s favorite back to life in the new millennia and how, in so many ways, Jerry’s Las Vegas suburban vampire was unlike any role he has ever tackled.

Fresh from his scene-stealing role in Horrible Bosses, Farrell is having quite a summer. He kills it in Fright Night as he did going head-to-head in the comedy department with Jason Sudeikis in Bosses.

Movie Fanatic: Were movie vampires something you were a fan of coming up?

Colin Farrell: The first Fright Night, I loved it. The Lost Boys, Near Dark, Interview with a Vampire and the many incarnations of Dracula like Coppola’s Dracula with Gary Oldman — they were all in my collective imagination and informed, in some way, what I did with Jerry. There were so many vampire films I saw as a kid.

Movie Fanatic: How did wearing fake teeth, black contacts and prosthetics affect your performance? Did it help or hinder?

Colin Farrell: It really helped my performance [laughs]. It really did help. I’m a sucker for all things practical, I really am. It’s very powerful when you put something over your face and you just have your eyes to work with. There was some CGI done on Fright Night, but any time the practical make-up was on, it really does help me. It’s kind of like mask work as well. It kind of liberates you, in a really scary way as well. I’m doing a film now (the Total Recall remake) and there’s a lot of green screen in it, but the green screen is 40 yards away in the background to create this world of incredible grandiosity and detail. But, the world I’m in, 40 yards in front of it, is a practical set that’s been built by amazing craftsmen. It’s not like I’m working with a tennis ball as Jar Jar Binks or anything [laughs].

Colin Farrell Stars in Fright Night

Movie Fanatic: What a summer you’re having with Horrible Bosses and now Fright Night. How was it for you as a performer going from one to the other?

Colin Farrell: They were so extremely different from who I am. It was fun. Both were flick-a-switch characters. It was like there were these shadows created and it was step into the shadow and out of it and go home. I didn’t end up bringing the work home because there wasn’t as much emotional resonance. The parts that are much more dramatic are the parts that tend to echo into the evening and night and into your sleep. Horrible Bosses was only a five-day shoot. I wanted to mix it up. So it was time to go have a laugh with both these films..

Movie Fanatic: Was it difficult to find the character of Jerry for you in relation to other parts you have played?

Fright Night picture

Colin Farrell: Yeah, I was trying to imagine a world where you are completely severed from your basic human virtues and characteristics like fear, remorse, compassion, hope, love. All those ideas were things that Jerry understood objectively, having been a human once. Being an observer of human behavior over a matter of centuries, it really was committing to the idea that this was a vampire who had no human feelings at all. If anything, he had disdain for human beings. Inevitably, that brings him down. In some ways it was liberating to play.

The Dark Knight Rises: More Set Videos!

Filming continued this past weekend in Pittsburgh for the final Christopher Nolan Batman film — The Dark Knight Rises — producing some great video from fans gathered around the Pennsylvania set.

Christian Bale is Batman

The usually shrouded in secrecy set of Nolan has had more than its share of photo and video leaks from their location shoot in Pittsburgh. Yet, Nolan doesn’t seem to mind the flow of information shooting across the world from his The Dark Knight Rises filming. We can see why, honestly.

These clips do nothing in terms of giving away plot; only feed the fire of the fans who can’t seem to get enough Dark Knight news.

The first video features Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) riding a Batpod. Enjoy!

Anne Hathaway Gets Catwoman into Action

Our second video gives fans their first look at the Bat Plane.

First Look at Dark Knight Rises Batplane

American Reunion Teaser Poster: Final Pie

The cinematic high school reunion ten years in the making, featuring the gang from American Pie, arrives April 6. Universal Pictures has given fans their first peek into the franchise’s final film, American Reunion. Guess what the teaser poster’s image is? If you guessed a certain dessert, you are so right.

American Reunion Teaser Poster

American Reunion brings back the original stars including Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Tara Reid, Seann William Scott, Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Natasha Lyonne, Jennifer Coolidge and Eugene Levy.

In American Reunion, the cast of hormone-heavy teens we met in American Pie gather for their tenth high school reunion and party like it’s 1999.

The friends will learn how they have changed and, in many ways, managed to stay the same. Jim (Biggs) and Michelle (Hannigan) are married (as we learned in American Wedding), Finch (Nicholas) is still yearning for Stifler’s mom (Coolidge) and Oz (Klein) and Heather (Suvari) have gone their separate ways.

World War Z Plot Could Upset Fans

Page-to-screen adaptations are difficult. Even when they are done well, there will still be millions of book fans not pleased with what was left out or changed from their favorite novel. Such could be the case with the Brad Pitt starring World War Z.

Brad Pitt on World War Z Set

As Movie Fanatic reported last week, World War Z has a release date. That surely must have thrilled fans of the book by Max Brooks, but this week’s news, may not be in the good news department.

The novel is set in the time after a full fledged world takeover by zombies as a U.N. official (Pitt) crosses the globe gathering first-hand accounts of how the undead overtook mankind.

Now the film version’s synopsis has been released and you will note a different take on the zombie apocalypse storyline. The movie will be about a U.N. worker who races against time traveling the world in an effort to stop an attack of zombies that could destroy humanity once and for all.

Notice the big change? “An effort to stop an attack of zombies” are the operative words. In the novel, Pitt’s character goes on his global trek after zombies have taken over. His journey was never about stopping the epidemic, it was chronicling it. Looks like in the film, Pitt will be on a mission to prevent it from happening in the first place.

So, what do the fans think? Let us know!

Lone Ranger Production Shut Down by Disney

Johnny Depp had the role he had dreamed of playing go up in smoke as Disney has announced it has shut down production of The Lone Ranger.

Johnny Depp at Pirates Premiere

Depp denied a film is a headline hardly seen. But that is exactly what has happened as news has broke that Disney has closed the doors on the filming of the Lone Ranger property.

The Lone Ranger was set to be a big budget update of the legendary pop culture stalwart starring The Social Network star Armie Hammer as the Ranger and Depp as his trusty sidekick Tonto.

No reason has been given as of yet from the studio as to why The Lone Ranger will not be allowed to extol his Old West justice onscreen with Depp and Hammer. Frequent Depp collaborator, director Gore Verbinski, was set to direct the picture after the duo scored a hit with the animated hit Rango earlier this year. 

Could this be part of a continuing feud between Verbinski and Disney? The director famously clashed with Disney brass over the filming of the third Pirates of the Caribbean films (he directed the first three of those Depp starring smashes).

The Lone Ranger is not a dead project — far from it, in fact. In the end, Movie Fanatic believes this is a budgetary bump in the road. Verbinski sought a $250 million budget while the studio sought one closer to the $200 million mark.

Like the classic 1949 TV series The Lone Ranger used to say: Stay tuned.