Did Harley Quinn & Nightwing Just Have Sex?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Batman and Harley Quinn

The arrival of DC’s new Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie has been eagerly anticipated by fans, but it’s Nightwing who may never forget one particularly sexy scene. As the film’s trailers made clear, the story was one meant to double down on nostalgia for Batman: The Animated Series with a noticeably… adult tone to the material. That means cursing, tongue-in-cheek allusions to Batman and Robin’s own relationship, darker comedy than ever seen in the show – and as mentioned before, a romantic encounter between Harley and a now fully-grown Dick Grayson.

It’s not the first time that sexual content …

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Arya Battles Brienne With Lightsabers in New Fan Mashup

Star Wars meets Game of Thrones in a new fan mash-up video that adds lightsabers to the epic sword battle between Arya and Brienne in season 7, episode 4, ‘The Spoils of War’.

In the episode, Arya spots Brienne training Podrick in sword fighting technique in the courtyard at Winterfell, and decides to challenge Brienne herself. At first it seems unlikely that tiny Arya will have any chance against towering Brienne and her powerful sword-strokes, but as we’ve learned again-and-again, it’s never wise to underestimate Arya. In the sequence, the young Stark woman shows off all the moves she’s learned over the years from all her instructors, including the late lamented Syrio Forel and the still-living (and now beyond-the-wall-bound) The Hound – who was himself once beaten by Brienne – finally besting Brienne by whipping out the dagger given to her by Bran after …

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Walking Dead Producers Suing AMC for $1 Billion in Profit Loss

Robert Kirkman and Zombies in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead TV series executive producers are suing AMC which could result in $1 billion in damages. The show’s creator, Frank Darabont, already has his own lawsuit with the acclaimed network, which has been gestating since 2013, two years after the showrunner was suddenly fired from the series midway through its second season. Among Darabont’s claims was that AMC had denied him and CAA (Creative Artists Agency) promised profits from the show’s incredible success. In addition to obtaining the highest total viewership of any cable series in television history, The Walking Dead continues to be the highest rated show on TV.

Darabont and the CAA …

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Supergirl Season 3: Kevin Smith Returning to Direct

Melissa Benoist and Kevin Smith Supergirl

Kevin Smith has announced his return as director for an episode of Supergirls upcoming third season. Smith, who is well-regarded by a majority of the comic book fandom, has steadily been increasing his presence in the DC TV universe over the past few years. Beginning in 2015 with a second season episode of The Flash, Smith’s work as a director in the Arrowverse has been generally well-received by both fans and critics alike, thanks in part to his experience behind the camera and the writing behind each of the episodes.

In addition to directing another episode of The Flash last year, Smith crossed over onto another notable DC TV series by directing not …

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Nick Fury Won’t Appear in Avengers 3, 4 Or Black Panther

Samuel L. Jackson’s MCU return as Nick Fury may have to wait until 2019, with him confirming he’s not involved in Black PantherAvengers: Infinity War, or Untitled Avengers. Fury has been a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the very beginning, and has given Jackson plenty of opportunities to play the character as a result. His numerous appearances came in the first two “Phases” of this universe, but he’s yet to return in Phase 3.

Jackson isn’t done with Fury just yet and Marvel isn’t ready to get rid of him either. He was recently confirmed to be part …

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