10 Questions with Prom DVD Star Aimee Teegarden

Prom lands on DVD, Blu-Ray and download August 30 and the film’s star, Aimee Teegarden, sits down and answers 10 questions about high school, the film Prom and even how to make friends during that difficult time that can be the high school experience.

Aimee Teegarden in Prom

In Prom, Teegarden plays Nova Prescott, a young girl whose dream is to launch the dreamiest Prom of all time. When challenges abound, she finds an unlikely helper in a brooding Thomas McDonell. Will he be the one who destroys Prom, or makes it the night of her life?

Movie Fanatic: So, what were you like in high school?

Aimee Teegarden: I graduated when I was 16 years old, so I guess I was a bit of a nerd because I worked hard to finish early. I was already working in the entertainment business. I knew I wanted to be an actor, so I focused and I got on with my schoolwork.

Movie Fanatic: Did you have time for friends?

Aimee Teegarden: Yes and no. I was a little different than everybody else. I was a bit of a tomboy and I always had strange clothes. I love thrift store shopping, so my clothes were always mismatched and I never had the right labels or the perfect pair of shoes.

Movie Fanatic: Was that a difficult experience?

Aimee Teegarden: Not really. The friends that I had when I was a kid are still my friends today. I’ve got a good group of friends that have stuck by me no matter what. They appreciate me for who I am, which is wonderful.

Movie Fanatic: What did you get involved with outside the classroom?

Aimee Teegarden: I was also involved in many different organizations like Girl Scouts and the choir. I loved it. I loved playing sports back then. That was a lot of fun for me.

Movie Fanatic: What was the Prom filming experience like for you?

Aimee Teegarden: Life on set was amazing! There were a lot of giggles on the set, and a lot of laughs. We filmed the movie in various schools around Los Angeles, so it felt like we were all going to class together every day.

Movie Fanatic: What advice would you give up-and-coming performers who are even struggling in high school?

Aimee Teegarden: There are so many different aspects of acting and there are so many amazing books out there that look into different techniques and things like that. Practice your skills, learn about acting and get involved! Head to the library and read up.

Movie Fanatic: Is there a best way to handle all the rejection that comes with the acting field?

Aimee Teegarden: You’ll get about 500 people saying ‘no’ to you before you get a single ‘yes’ — but you’ve just got to persevere. It’s difficult. Look at auditions as a learning opportunity. It’s all about getting your face out there and getting experience. You’ll get there if you try hard and persevere. If you’re serious about acting, join the school drama club and get involved in acting classes to see if you like it first. It’s not a career for everyone.

Movie Fanatic: What’s your favorite aspect of your career?

Aimee Teegarden: I get to play different characters every day and I get to pretend to do different jobs all the time — but it’s a lot of hard work and it can take forever to get that lucky break.

Movie Fanatic: Your Prom character had her heart broken, and perhaps mended — we don’t want to give away too much — how do you deal with heartbreak?

Aimee Teegarden: I’ve always had a great set of girlfriends that have always picked me up and shown me that I’m young and life goes on. It’s not like I’ve had a great tragedy in my life. There was lots of crying, of course. Crying, sleeping and food seem to help [laughs]. Everybody experiences heartbreak. I think it’s just part of the whole human experience. We all deal with it and we all get over it — eventually.

Movie Fanatic: There are kids in Prom who are a little socially awkward. How would you recommend to kids like them out there to make friends? It can be a difficult task for anyone, especially in high school.

Aimee Teegarden: Join the drama club, the sports club or even the chess club. Get involved! Find somebody who shares the same passions as you because it’s a lot easier to connect with people if you have something in common. Plus, you already have something to talk about.

Apollo 18: Third Trailer Teases

The third and final trailer for the horror-thriller Apollo 18 has premiered.

Apollo 18 Photo

Dimension Films is presenting Apollo 18 as the film takes audiences to space for what is fictionally the final U.S. trip to the moon.

In a Paranormal Activity type of filmmaking device, the film is made up of found footage from a lost Apollo 18 mission that was top secret at the time. The film answers the question: Why did we stop visiting the moon?

Apollo 18 lands in theaters September 2 and proves again, as Alien so valiantly taught us, that in space, no one can hear you scream.

Final Apollo 18 Trailer

The Debt Exclusive: Jessica Chastain Video Interview

2011 is the year of Jessica Chastain. The star of the upcoming The Debt — out in theaters August 31 — The Help, Tree of Life and fall’s Texas Killing Fields,is as grounded as ever when we meet her for a video interview.

Jessica Chastain in The Debt

Chastain is gloriously happy and she should be as the film we’re here to chat about, The Debt, is a terse thriller the ushers in the fall movie season with crisp thrills and a stellar cast.

In The Debt, Chastain is Rachel. In her hands is the film’s story about a twenty-something undercover Mossad agent and her team of three in East Berlin casing and capturing a wanted Nazi criminal. The story jumps 30 years into the future with Helen Mirren portraying Rachel as their work in Germany was far from over and the consequences have caught up with them three decades later.

Helen Mirren Stars in The Debt

Jessica is not done with her fabulous year as her talent will also be on display in fall’s Coriolanus opposite Ralph Fiennes in the Shakespearean update and Take Shelter.

Jessica Chastain The Debt Video Interview

Zoe Saldana Moves Past Colombiana to Angel in Dominion

Where Zoe Saldana goes, Movie Fanatic will follow. After sizzling in Colombiana, the versatile actress has announced that she has decided to dazzle next in Dominion.

Zoe Saldana Gets Dominion

In Dominion, Saldana is set to portray a “half-human, half-angel.” After several action flicks including Colombiana, Avatar and The Losers, looks like Saldana — as an angel — won’t be wielding any weapons.

Saldana is adding the producer hat to her resume as the actress will also produce Dominion. The team behind the upcoming Gerard Butler film Machine Gun Preacher co-wrote the Dominion script.

We all know one thing: Saldana can fly on film, with or without wings.

DVD Release: Madea’s Big Happy Family and Disney’s Prom

In a quieter week than normal on the DVD and Blu-Ray front this Tuesday, only three major titles and one indie make their home video debut. Tyler Perry’s latest Madea movie, Madea’s Big Happy Family and Disney’s Prom lead the pack.

Prom: Who can forget their Prom? Whether you went or not, it is a marker on one’s development timeline and Disney captures that spirited period impeccably in the original film Prom. The film hits home on Blu-Ray Combo Pack, DVD, Movie Download and On-Demand and is a family friendly flick with a cast full of talented up-and-comers. Prom is a cross-class look at the rite of passage that is the late spring dance from two perspectives: Sophomores and seniors. We found the film delightful and fun and would revisit the memories of Prom anytime. Extras on the home release are highlighted by the don’t-miss Last Chance Lloyd, deleted scenes and music videos from the rocking soundtrack.

Prom Blu-Ray

Madea’s Big Happy Family: Writer, director, producer and star Tyler Perry brings back his comic creation in Madea’s Big Happy Family. The film arrives on home video with Madea’s kin stretched thin by crime, cancer and secrets that threaten the bonds of family. Fans of the film franchise and the character of Madea will adore this latest foray from the brilliant mind of Perry. As for extras from the film on DVD and Blu-Ray, there isn’t too much.

Madea's Big Happy Family Blu-Ray

In a Better World: The winner for Best Foreign Language Picture comes home courtesy of Denmark’s In a Better World. Mikael Persbrandt stars as a doctor who works both at a Sudan refugee camp and his home practice in Europe. A powerful film that possesses all the power and breadth one would expect from a Foreign Language Oscar winner.

In a Better World Blu-Ray

Skateland: In Skateland, the closing of a roller rink in a small town in Texas provides the impetus for the Skateland story to unfold. The film is filled with early 1980s hits as it is set in 1983 and stars a searing Shiloh Fernandez as a youngster trying to find his way through love and loss.

Skateland Blu-Ray