One for the Money Quotes: I’m Gonna Nail Morelli

One for the Money stars Katherine Heigl as the character adored by millions of Janet Evanovich fans, Stephanie Plum. Her exploits have resulted in 18 books by the author and her first to hit the big screen, One for the Money, is out now and has given us an armful of fantastic quotes.

One for the Money Starring Katherine Heigl
Heigl’s Plum must find a job. When she’s just about out of options, she takes a job as a bounty hunter for her cousin’s bail bonds business. Her first assignment is to bring back a cop who is being sought for murder. The fact that the man, Joe Morelli, is also the high school chum who did her wrong back in the day, makes it all the better.

Sherri Shepherd stars as Lula, an Evanovich character beloved almost as much as Plum. She is the classic hooker with a heart of gold and herself provides some of the best One for the Money quotes.

Stephanie Plum: Damn skippy! | permalink

Jackie: Lula, a snack?
Lula: You always complainin’. It’s hot. I’m hungry. | permalink

Lula: If you want information from Lula, you goin’ have to bring her a snack. | permalink

Joe Morelli: How does a person eat like you eat and look like you look?
Stephanie Plum: Hey, why are you messing with my Tasty Cakes, huh?! | permalink

Stephanie Plum: They blew up our car!
Joe Morelli: Excuse me, whose car?
Stephanie Plum: Your car. You want it back? | permalink

Lula: We got this good cop bad cop thing going… Except we’re hookers. | permalink

Stephanie Plum: I’m gonna nail Morelli. | permalink

Stephanie Plum: You guys got anything full-time, part-time?
Connie: How comfortable are you with the lowlifes?
Stephanie Plum: I sold lingerie for three years in Newark.
Connie: You’re good to go. | permalink

Stephanie Plum: Hookers… they always know somethin’. | permalink

Mrs. Plum: Stephanie started a new job!
Stephanie Plum: Yeah, I did. I just got a gun.
Mrs. Plum: Whoa! (Grandma Mazur checks out the gun and proceeds to shoot the chicken sitting on the dinner table)
Mrs. Plum: Put the gun away, ma!
Mr. Plum: She belongs in a home.
Grandma Mazur: Shot that sucker in the gumpy… | permalink

Riddick Set Photo of Vin Diesel

Fresh off his first photo from Riddick, Vin Diesel has posted another pic on his Facebook page to keep fans of the series in high anticipation mode. The film’s production schedule is underway and months before we are likely to get our first stills or trailer, the film’s star is giving us a glimpse into the next chapter in the saga of Riddick.

Vin Diesel Riddick Set Photo
One of our favorite space aliens is back on screen after Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick in a new adventure. Seems Riddick was left for dead on a desolate planet, only he didn’t perish and is now seeking revenge.

The film also stars Katee Sackhoff and Karl Urban.

The Grey Exclusive: Frank Grillo and James Badge Dale Deliver Thrills

In The Grey, Frank Grillo and James Badge Dale are part of a group of survivors, led by Liam Neeson (check out our Neeson exclusive video interview). After coming out of a plane crash alive, the handful of men have to brave the elements and a pack of wolves that seek to kill them all. Grillo and Dale help us celebrate the film’s landing at first place at the box office and sit down for an exclusive video interview about the film.

Dale and Grillo are such polar opposites in The Grey and add so many layers to a film that could have been formula. Audiences will recognize Grillo from his work on Warrior, Minority Report and will see him soon in Gangster Squad. Dale reports most being remembered for his performances in The Departed, Shame and his run on 24. And look for Dale to start shooting The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp next month.

Snow White and the Huntsman: Hemsworth and Theron Pics

After Movie Fanatic ran a new still of Kristen Stewart in her fairytale best, Universal Studios has given us two new stills from their upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman. The two new pics feature Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen.

Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and the Huntsman
Hemsworth appears to be leading the seven dwarfs on a mission in the above pic, perhaps to rescue Stewart’s Snow White. And in the photo below, Theron is at her evil best (just as she is in the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer). The film arrives June 1.

Snow White and the Huntsman Star Charlize Theron

The Hobbit: Bilbo and The Dwarves Photo

A new photo from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has arrived and it gives us a look at Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and his dwarf band of battle brothers about to indulge in some serious meal enjoyment. 

Martin Freeman Stars as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit
The Peter Jackson directed epic lands in theaters December 14 and follows the exploits of Bilbo as he is pulled into an epic journey to save the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor. The dragon Smaug has held it captive for years and with the wizard Gandolf’s Ian McKellen) help, they wage a battle to reclaim the land for the dwarf people.