The Dark Knight Rises Thanks Pittsburgh as Film Moves On

Principal photography has finished, at least in Pittsburgh, for The Dark Knight Rises. The Christopher Nolan directed production was so taken with their hosts, they took out a full page ad in the local newspaper thanking residents for their fine hospitality.

Dark Knight Thanks Pittsburgh

Dark Knight Rises still has quite a bit of filming to complete in Los Angeles and New York before Nolan calls this one a wrap.

We also have the last of the Pittsburgh fan-shot videos that features Anne Hathaway doing her own stunts as Catwoman on the Batpod.

Anne Hathaway Doing Stunts on Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is due in theaters July 20, 2012.

Underworld Awakening Trailer: Kate Beckinsale’s Back

Kate Beckinsale first thought of the Underworld series as a trilogy and thus sat out the fourth installment, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, in 2009. After hearing the storyline for a fifth film in the series, Underworld Awakening, she was back in her black leather costume ready to kick butt once again.

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld Awakening

Beckinsale first appeared as Selene in 2003’s Underworld, directed by her husband, Len Wiseman. Sitting around the family abode, Wiseman was brainstorming plotlines for Underworld Awakening; Beckinsale couldn’t resist what she was hearing and decided to come back to the world of Underworld for one more turn.

The first trailer for Underworld Awakening has debuted and is a thriller to say the least. The latest Underworld film also stars Stephen Rea, Theo James, Charles Dance, India Eisley and Michael Ealy.

Underworld Awakening Trailer

Our Idiot Brother: Rashida Jones Talks to Movie Fanatic

Rashida Jones is one busy actress, effortlessly moving from hit TV show, Community, to a critically lauded and highly anticipated films such as Our Idiot Brother — out in theaters August 26.

Rashida Jones in Our Idiot Brother

Jones recently sat down to dish Our Idiot Brother, the darling of 2011’s Sundance Film Festival. The comedy is about siblings and specifically the titular character portrayed with hysterical panache by Paul Rudd.

The actress, daughter of music titan Quincy Jones, reported the ensemble film was one of her most delightful experiences of her career. Starring opposite not only Rudd, but also Elizabeth Banks, fellow Community star Adam Scott, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Kathryn Hahn and T.J. Miller allowed further inspired her to new acting heights. Having an actor’s director in Jesse Peretz was also another reason she leapt at the chance to star in Our Idiot Brother.

Movie Fanatic: What was it about Jesse that you wanted to work on a film of his?

Rashida Jones: I’ve got to give him props because none of us are shy in the cast. There were days on set where all of us where there, which is incredibly difficult to deal with. Because Jesse is gregarious and patient and fatherly, I think he managed that very well. It was a zoo, a (expletive) zoo.

Movie Fanatic: You’ve worked with a lot of the cast before. Does that allow for a smoother set than working with strangers?

Rashida Jones: I’m always happy to work with the same people, especially if they’re rad, talented and fun to work with. I work with Adam Scott. He’s OK [laughs]. I’ve worked with Paul before, Banks and I have never worked together. I’ve met with Emily and TJ, but never worked with them. My point being, there is something utopian about being able to return to the same posse over and over again. For me, that is the biggest gift I’ve had in my career is to be able to work with the same people. This movie was no different, especially because we were shooting an independent film. Time is of the essence and also built in chemistry is of the essence, and built in professionalism. There was a nice come together of it.

Movie Fanatic: What was your impression of your character Cindy and how is her take different than the cast of siblings of Our Idiot Brother?

Zooey Deschenel and Rashida Jones in Our Idiot Brother

Rashida Jones: I definitely feel like siblings are enough like you that you love them and not enough like you that you can kind of hate them. They can drive you crazy and they can put a mirror up to the parts of you that you don’t like about yourself. And I think from the outside — it happens all the time — somebody will be like, “I love your mom. She’s amazing!” And you’re like, “Yeah, but she’s my mom” or “He’s my brother, she’s my sister.” But I think that Cindy just like really digs Ned (Rudd) and thinks that he’s a good dude. I feel like they think the same things are funny, which are actually probably not that funny. And I do think she’s got that outside perspective. I think that’s probably true most times when you’re dating somebody and you think their family’s great. But that’s because they haven’t annoyed you for your entire life, you know [laughs]? I think that also that was a nice part of the movie was to see how the peripheral characters interacted with the siblings and what their take was on the sibling dynamics.

Movie Fanatic: There’s definitely a hippie vibe to Paul’s character and to yours as well to some extent. How did your costume contribute to that feel for you personally? Especially those glasses!

Rashida Jones: The glasses literally helped because they had my prescription in them [laughs]. I think her look was more like preppy, like edge of irony, but not fully in irony. It was a definite hipster Urkel. I also loved my clothes. I kept a lot of my stuff.

Texas Killing Fields Trailer Premieres

Texas Killing Fields is based on a true story and stars Sam Worthington (stay tuned for our video interview with him next week), Jessica Chastain (her too!) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a thriller about couple of Lone Star detectives on the trail of a cold-blooded killer.

Sam Worthington in Texas Killing Fields

The film’s trailer has debuted and illustrates the fierceness of the storyline and the permeating chills the film is expected to generate.

Texas Killing Fields is about the two cops, one a local and the other a NYPD transplant, as they trail what they believe is a serial killer as bodies start to pile up.

The film lands in theaters October 17 after premiering at the prestigious Venice Film Festival.

The new trailer shows how gritty Texas Killing Fields is — complete with the searing Texas heat of summer. The title of the film stems from an oil field where the killer is leaving his kills.

Texas Killing Fields Trailer

Johnny English Reborn Trailer Brings Back Rowan Atkinson

The comedy stylings of Rowan Atkinson are so unique. Whether he is Bean or any of the multitude of characters he’s played in the last several decades, one thing rings true: There is no one out there quite like Atkinson. Proof of that fact continues with the debut of the trailer from his latest feature, Johnny English Reborn.

Rowan Atkinson is Johnny English

Johnny English Reborn is the second time Atkinson has played the character after the actor originated the role in 2003 in Johnny English.

Now he’s back and bringing along actress Gillian Anderson (X-Files) for the ride in the story of how the offbeat Her Majesty’s Secret Service agent must mobilize to stop international assassins from carrying out their mission of killing a world leader on England’s shores.

It has been several years since MI-7’s best spook disappeared. During that time, he has been channeling his inner ninja with martial arts training in Asia. Suddenly, he is called back to duty when the spy agency gets word of the impeding assassination attempt.

Johnny English Reborn premieres October 28 and also features Dominic West, Daniel Kaluuya, Richard Schiff and Rosamund Pike.

Johnny English Reborn Trailer