5 Questions with Conan the Barbarian Star Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa was only six years old when the original Conan the Barbarian debuted starring a newcomer named Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, the Hawaiian born actor is headlining his own take on the classic character with Conan the Barbarian 3D — debuting in theaters August 19.

Jason Momoa is Conan the Barbarian

The key to any reboot of a franchise, especially one known for launching the career of the larger-than-life Schwarzenegger, was finding the right Conan. The actor had to not only look the part, but also make audiences forget there ever was another actor wielding the title character’s sword. “When we first met Jason, we saw everything that we hoped Conan would be. He has the imposing physicality — the confidence,” remembered producer Les Weldon. “There’s a sense of unbridled energy to him that’s essential for the character.”

Weldon’s co-producer Danny Lerner concurred. “I can’t imagine a single actor that I have worked with or seen onscreen that could fit into those shoes as perfectly as Jason does. He is a natural athlete. He has the aggression, the power, the energy needed. And when you actually read Robert E. Howard’s descriptions of Conan, they describe Jason exactly.”

Movie Fanatic shoots five questions at the actor, who recently admitted he has already composed a screenplay for a Conan sequel. Now, that’s talent… and yes, confidence.

Movie Fanatic: Where did your take on the character come from? Is it true that it arose from the drawings of Frank Frazetta?

Jason Momoa: When you see those drawings, they just speak to you. Our goal has been to capture the hero featured in Frazetta’s pictures. That was our aim.

Movie Fanatic: The training for this film had to be intense. You had to do your own stunts too. How did the training aspect fuel your characterization?

Jason Momoa: Conan speaks through his sword. He’s got to because he’s not one for words. So the sword training with Master Sensei Chad Stahelski really helped me find Conan’s core. That process really helped me understand the character.

Conan the Barbarian Picture

Movie Fanatic: The kid who plays you in the beginning of the film is you in many ways. It’s kind of scary. Did you cross paths in order to get on the same page?

Jason Momoa: We’d look at each other. We had to just get down the walk. It’s the way he stalks people. Conan’s kind of like the lion, the wolf, and the panther. The eyes and the eyebrows, and he totally got it.

Movie Fanatic: We spoke to Conan director Marcus Nispel (interview premiering tomorrow!) and he said he grew up a Conan the Barbarian fan. How did you find him as a director helming a reboot?

Jason Momoa: Marcus has a need to do this movie in a way that will blow his own mind [laughs] and so hopefully blow the minds of the viewers.

Movie Fanatic: You also star in Game of Thrones. Do you think it helped you get the Conan part?

Jason Momoa: I guess you could say it was more of a coincidence than anything else. This Conan project wasn’t something that I was actively looking for — circumstance led me to it. Actually, I got Conan because of Game of Thrones. With Game of Thrones, that was something I loved, from the script to the source material, and I had to have that role. Once I got that, I was more than happy. Then the opportunity to audition for Conan came about, and I couldn’t pass that up.

Puncture Trailer and Poster Premiere Starring Chris Evans

Captain America star Chris Evans has a whole new bag in the film Puncture. The film’s trailer and poster (courtesy of ComingSoon) have debuted giving audiences insight into the legal thriller unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Puncture Poster

In the film based on a true story, Evans plays Mike Weiss, a Houston attorney who is also a functioning drug addict. He can live day-to-day and doesn’t let his habit hurt his professional career. Mark Kassen pulls double duty as co-director and stars as Weiss’ teetotaler legal partner, Paul Danziger. The pair work at a personal injury law firm.

When Vinessa Shaw’s Vicky shows up at their firm, the ER nurse has a case that will change the duo’s life forever. The title of the film arises from what happens to Shaw’s nurse when she accidentally takes a shot from a tainted needle in the hospital where she works. Soon, highly paid pharmaceutical attorneys are the foils for Weiss and Danziger. Although they know they’re over their collective heads, they know that the truth will set them and their client free.

The film doesn’t have an official release date yet, but sources close to the production say it will debut September 23 to ride the wave of Captain America love for its star.

Puncture Trailer Starring Chris Evans

Jessica Alba: The Spy Kids 4 Interview

Jessica Alba was having an art imitates life moment when she made Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World 4D. Alba portrays Marissa Wilson in Spy Kids 4, an international spy who is nine months pregnant when the film commences.

Spy Kids 4 Cast

While promoting the film, Alba was also nine months pregnant (in fact, Alba gave birth to daughter Haven Garner earlier this week). Alba stars with Community’s Joel McHale as parents on the verge of the beautiful world of parenthood. In a True Lies meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith-like twist, neither knows what the other does for a living. Alba is a spy while McHale’s Wilbur Wilson is a spy hunter.

Spy Kids 4 marks a pattern for the actress who became a star with her TV turn in Dark Angel. The fourth film in the Spy Kids franchise is the third film Alba has appeared in for director Robert Rodriguez after Sin City and Machete.

Alba was in Beverly Hills chatting about her latest film foray, what it is about the Rodriguez-Alba tandem that works so well for her, and yes, how real life resonated through the fictional story of Spy Kids 4.

Movie Fanatic: Working with Robert Rodriguez is becoming a habit for you. What is it about his set that keeps calling you back?

Jessica Alba: Growing up, we come from a similar cultural background. We’re both Mexican-American and we grew up with a lot of the same traditions. We’ve shared stories about the way we grew up, and they’re quite similar in the way that our families raised us. We just have a comfort and a shorthand with each other. We always have — and we’re friends. I respect him completely as an artist. I trust him. I’m not sitting there, resisting everything he says and fighting and arguing with him. We don’t have that relationship. Although sometimes I disagree, most of the time, we always seem to find some common ground.

Jessica Alba stars in Spy Kids 4

Movie Fanatic: Robert has said that Sin City 2 is all but ready to start filming. Are you game to return?

Jessica Alba: Of course!

Movie Fanatic: You are no stranger to action films. How were the physical requirements of Spy Kids 4 different for you, especially considering you’re playing a pregnant woman and are pregnant yourself?

Jessica Alba: I did a TV show (Dark Angel) 10 years ago now, and that was the most challenging thing, ever. It was really difficult. Spy Kids wasn’t the most challenging, no. I did a little bit of action in this. Nothing has compared to Angel. Oddly, I miss it [laughs]. It would be really great to be able to do that much action again. After I have this baby and get settled and am ready to go back to work, I’m definitely going to be seeking out an action movie, maybe with Robert [smiles] — if he wants to.

Movie Fanatic: Do you share traits with your Spy Kids 4 character beyond the obvious?

Jessica Alba: Well, I’m a mom, so that’s the most obvious thing [laughs]. I’m always trying to find a balance and do the best I can. Sometimes it’s not pretty. I’m not a mom to step kids, nor am I a spy. Surprise!

Movie Fanatic: When you filmed Spy Kids 4, you were a new mom. Did that make the capturing the character effort easier?

Jessica Alba in Spy Kids 4

Jessica Alba: I talked to Robert [Rodriguez] a lot about it. He’s a father of five, so he has tons of experience with children. I would ask him questions about parenting like, “What do you do when you’re out and your kid has an explosion and you don’t have anything with you?” Or, “What do you do when you have to work, but you’re so tired, and you just want to spend time with them? How do you balance it?” So, I think a lot of these themes and things we talked about probably inspired some of the circumstances that my character was in. Yeah, I definitely brought a lot of my experience of being a new mom with a baby to work every day, for sure.

Movie Fanatic: Is working as a mom something that’s difficult for you to balance?

Jessica Alba: I always feel like I’m sacrificing one thing or another. It’s always challenging, in its own way. I don’t feel like I ever really have a perfect balance. I think that’s just what happens when you’re a working mom.

Daniel Radcliffe’s The Woman in Black Trailer: Oh the horror!

Daniel Radcliffe has shed himself of his Harry Potter persona. After a successful run on The Great White Way in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, the actor proved he can sing and dance with the best of Broadway. As the trailer to his first Post-Potter role hits in The Woman in Black, that Potter persona drifts further back into history.

Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps

The Woman in Black follows Radcliffe as a young attorney who ventures into a remote village on holiday only to discover it is being haunted by a ghost bent on terrorizing all who gets in her way.

Judging by the trailer, The Woman in Black is one creepy flick. It culls from many of the classic creepy moments in horror movie history and so visually, it looks like a winner. For example, who can’t recall a horror film where the evil creeps up behind the star while they stare at a mirror/window or what have you? Why have we seen that cinematic move in horror movies before? Because it works! Radcliffe and The Woman in Black is no different and the trailer has our interest peaked.

The Women in Black Trailer

Immortals: Third Trailer Teases

Tarsem Singh’s Immortals already has pulses raised in anticipation of the late fall release. Immortals stars Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion, who has made it his mission to bring down the Greek Gods that he feels yield too much power in humans’ lives.

Henry Cavill in Immortals

The Gods, specifically Zeus, hire Theseus (Henry Cavill, aka Superman) to fight King Hyperion and keep the status quo.

Relativity Media has released the third trailer from the film that has been creating quite a buzz since the first teaser premiered at WonderCon earlier this summer.

The action in Immortals takes place years after the Gods conquered the Titans. It appears there is a new threat to their heavenly world in King Hyperion. The King has declared war against all of Greece. He is scouring the country in search of the mythic bow that legend says can re-release the Titans and restart the war to remove all deity from the land.

Immortals also stars Freida Pinto (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Kellan Lutz (Twilight), Stephen Dorff (Somewhere) and John Hurt (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2). The film arrives November 11.

Immortals Third Trailer