Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Not A Bad Title

Solo-A Star Wars Story

Director Ron Howard revealed the official title of his Star Wars anthology is Solo: A Star Wars Story, and it’s not as awful as some are making it out to be. Through a prolonged production process that saw the cameras roll from February to October under the leadership of three directors (first Phil Lord and Chris Miller, then Howard), Lucasfilm kept the project’s name a closely-guarded secret from the general public, with Howard using the hashtag #UntitledHanSolo for his various behind-the-scenes teases he posted on social media. But now that filming has finally wrapped, Howard commemorated the occasion by showing off the movie’s logo as he moves on …

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UnREAL Season 3 Gets a Trailer & Premiere Date

UnReal Friendly Fire Quinn Constance Zimmer

The ladies of UnREAL are back in business with a trailer and February release date for the show’s third season. The Lifetime drama was renewed for a third and fourth season despite its rocky sophomore run. And despite the 2018 release date for season 3, production for the fourth season is currently underway in Vancouver according to star Constance Zimmer.

UnREAL takes place behinds the scenes of a Bachelor-type reality dating show called Everlasting. Ruthless executive producer Quinn (Zimmer) and her protégé Rachel (Shiri Appleby) will do anything to get ratings – including manipulating each other and the contestants, staging fake emergencies, and going behind each other’s backs to get power. The show focuses not only on the drama behind the scenes of this fake reality show, but also on the increasingly dangerous and co-dependant relationship between the two women. UnREAL is based partly on one of the show’s creators Sarah Gertrude Shapiro’s time …

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20 Worst Comedies Ever Made (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

There’s a timeless saying that dying is easy while comedy is hard.  Perhaps no one understands this as much as those comedy filmmakers who over the decades have poured all their blood, sweat, and cheers into their cinematic endeavors, only to die a little inside as their purported laugh fests are rejected outright by viewers.

The very first motion picture comedy made quite the splash — literally. Released in 1895, the French short The Watered Waterer (aka The Sprinkler Sprinkled) depicted a gardener getting sprayed in the face with water after a mischievous boy messes with his hose. Running a mere 45 seconds, the film was also the first to relate a fictionalized story — a landmark development that …

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Alison Brie Reveals GLOW Season 2 First Look Image

GLOW star Alison Brie has shared a new image from the set of the series, teasing the start of filming for season 2. Over the past few years, Netflix has begun ramping up its production of original content considerably. 2017 saw a slew of new films and TV series arrive, position the streaming giant as the go-to source for prestige entertainment. Out of the new crop of shows that arrived this year, however, few could hold a candle to GLOW.

Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, and produced by Jenji Kohan, the mind behind perennial Netflix favorite Orange is the New Black, the first season of GLOW used the real-life ’80s wrestling league as inspiration …

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5 Titles That Would Have Been Better Than Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Star Wars universe is expanding, and the latest spinoff following 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the recently titled Solo: A Star Wars Story. While this title gets right to the point regarding which character this film will focus on, its lack of leaving much to the imagination unfortunately makes the reveal slightly anti-climactic (especially considering how many months of buildup led up to this reveal). So, for the simple sake of fan service, there’s no harm in suggesting five alternate titles that would have been better …

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