Real Steel Featurette: Hugh Jackman’s Main Event

The buzz surrounding Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman is getting heated as a new featurette takes our readers inside the action film.

Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

Real Steel follows a retired fighter (Jackman) who finds his way back into the ring in the emerging popular sport of robot boxing. Jackman’s character is using the opportunity not only to get on top once again in a sport he once dominated, but also it is a chance to connect with his son (Dokata Goyo), with whom he is at odds.

Jackman is Charlie Kenton who was on his way to becoming the biggest thing in boxing when boxers made of steel took over the sport and the public’s fascination.

Real Steel also stars former Lost castaway Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand and Anthony Mackie and is the first directing foray into a full-fledged action movie for helmer Shawn Levy (Date Night and Night at the Museum).

Real Steel Featurette: Main Event